All Things Possible Christian  Ministry 
Reaching the World with the Gospel of Jesus


 We're So Happy You Are Here 

Connecting people to the Bible 
ATPCM places Bibles in the hands of many seekers. In addition to hard copies, we have linked the Bible  here with audio and visual options.
In America, Bibles are very common and available. However, in many other countries of the world,  the Bible  is scarce or not yet translated.
A Bible  is very expensive for village people and there are 
often not many in circulation in non-Christian countries.
People of the world are hungry for the word of God. Your donations help them receive their own Bible.
Our ministry was born in prayer
ATPCM is a non-profit corporation with a primary online media presence.  We reach more than 100,000 people in 129 countires every week.
ATPCM accesses the unaccessable with the Gospel message by phone, tablet, or laptop the Gospel is advancing.
Our leader  i s anointed, ordained, and gifted to send out the eternal Word daily on the internet.
Using websites -  social media
eboards , blogs , &  more blogs , marketing,  pages & pages of media, and other technology. Each blue word is a link to those media.  
The Jesus Film Outreach Crusade
This powerful ministry tool is the dramatization of the Gospel of Luke. The film is available in over 1000 languages and it is now also available in multiple languages on mobile app.
The Jesus Film is very popular with adults, and children are excited to watch and learn. Many people are being saved and baptized as a result of our work.
ATPCM is building enthusiastic global evangelism teams and equpping them for ministry.
Some of our teams have endangered their lives to travel in hostile regions to share the message of Christ. 
Go Into All The World

and preach the Gospel to all creation
- Mark  16:15 

Why We Do It
What We Do
We are compelled to minister out of our great love for Jesus, our Savior and we're eager to obey His commands.
- John14:15
We go, we share, and we spread the Gospel of Jesus. We are making disciples in many nations, baptizing, and teaching them to obey Jesus
- Matthew 28:19-20. 
How Can You Help
There are many ways you can help; your prayers, time, money, ideas, even gently used items, or an encouraging word. ATPCM does NOT recieve government grants. We are self supporting from your & our generousity. 
There is always something you can do and we need you. Your talents, skills, and abilities will be put to great use in our many tasks of operation and IT needs. We are willing to train you.  Please feel free to  contact us.